Connecting Your Business to the U.S. Wine & Spirits Industry

You are a winery looking for an importer to enter the U.S. Market!!! Your problem is simple, you can't find one. You spend thousands of dollars each year sending your Export Directors to the United States. What do you accomplish? Nothing. You hear the same story! We'll taste your wines and get back to you. The major problem that you face as a winery, is rather simple. You are one of tens of thousands of wineries from around the world that are looking to enter the U.S. market, but unfortunately there are not enough importers to handle the worldwide onslaught. Don't forget your competing against the U.S. wineries that have a clear advantage over you. They're already here. You need to move those inventories!! What are you going to do? You are going to call WINES OF THE WORLD to connect your business to the U.S. Wine and Spirits Industry!

Our Solution

Wines of the World is going to provide your company with the solution! With our many years of expertise in dealing with the ever changing wine market in the United States, we, will introduce your company to our U.S. Wine Importing Program, show you how to take your wasted dollars in looking for importers and turn it into a working investment towards importing your own wines into the United States. By choosing to work with us, your winery has essentially resolved the greatest problem to the mystery of how to enter the U.S. market.
You become your own importer through WINES OF THE WORLD!

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